When Verizon and AT&T are down, Jetwave powers you through.


Before VoIP and the internet, Jetwave had an easy sell — reliable phone service, rich features.

But when Jewave began offering VoIP and data, they needed a strong value prop that would bring businesses in droves.


  • Value prop
  • Website copy
  • Trade show copy
  • Marketing collateral
  • Email sales funnel


Which previous Verizon, AT&T or big box brand customer wouldn’t want their issue dealt with in 3 mins?

Our three-prong approach, (targeting end users and VoIP resellers via emails, landing pages, trade shows and more) got the word out. The new messaging hooked prospects, and justified the switch. 

Copy that actually brings in business


Devorah is our go-to copywriter every time we need copy that actually brings in business.

We just used her for our fourth project — the IT Expo trade show, and even though our booth location was poor, prospects were so intrigued by our headline that they actually came over to find out more. We got over 50 hot leads ready to sign on (and scores more who expressed interest). Without a doubt, it was the messaging that pulled them.

— Sol Weiss, President

It’s not just the words that
make a difference, it’s the
strategy behind them.

Copywriting = 80% what to say + 20% how to say it

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