Can they raise a million dollars during COVID-19, with so many donors forced to retrench?


JDBY, the largest day school in the midwest was forced to cancel their annual fundraiser when coronavirus hit. That meant more expenses, less tuition income and fewer donations. Could we come up with an innovative way to grab attention, touch hearts and open pockets — even while so many other causes were doing the same?



  • Custom survey
  • Messaging strategy
  • Brochure copy


Several weeks of intense student body research gave us mind-blowing stats, stories and quotes from students as young as 5. The result was a campaign everybody noticed — and a flood of substantial donations, even from cash-strapped donors.

“We got our first $10k check a day after we mailed it out.”

I just got a call from one of the recipients, telling me how he read it cover-to-cover.
It made him so proud to be a part of what we do, he immediately sent a check for $10k. Devorah made us look good, and the results speak for themselves.

— Fundraising team, Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov

Got it perfect

Due to Covid, we had to switch directions on the content midway, but Devorah didn’t bat an eyelash. She made us so comfortable to share concerns, and got it perfect.

She was a real professional, but engaging, approachable and really pleasant at the same time.


— Rabbi Avraham Brownstein, Executive VP

It’s not just the words that
make a difference, it’s the
strategy behind them.

Copywriting = 80% what to say + 20% how to say it

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