Would cash-strapped writers shell out the coin for a course that had just doubled in price?


Michal Eisikowitz offers a triple slam-dunk: copy training, business training and hands-on mentorship.

The course is worth every penny (and then some) but would writers who eke out 10 cents per word spend more than a month’s income on it?


  • Marketing & webinar strategy
  • Email copy
  • Sales page copy


By day 3 of the launch, we surpassed our enrollment goal. By the time the week was over, we were at TRIPLE the projected membership.

One of the smartest things I did 


“Hiring Devorah was one of the smartest things I did for my launch. She’s the kind of relentless, detail-oriented, and conversion-driven copywriter you really want to have on your side of the court.

If you need to get your messaging into shape and are ready for serious business growth, don’t think twice — hire Devorah.”

Michal Eisikowitz, Copytribe founder

It’s not just the words that make a difference,
it’s the strategy behind them.

Ready to hit the start button on increased sales + profit for YOUR company?