You don’t just want a writer

You want a 

so with every word of copy, you get more sales.

Hi! I’m Devorah Hager, conversion-focused copywriter.

I don’t just write. I sell.

These emails for a content subscription service
got a 51% click-thru rate, a 40x increase from their
previous click-thru rate of 5%.

This homepage increased sales calls by
(!) in just 3 months.

This trade show copy brought in dozens of
high-value customers
for a packaging client.

Every word you get from me is based on

  • Thorough market research
  • Strategic customer data
  • Proven persuasion frameworks

plus over 5 years marketing experience, so it
works HARD to increase your profits.

I’ve trained under the leaders in conversion-focused online copy–

people like Joanna Weibe (who doubled, tripled and even 10x-ed site

conversions for big online brands) and Ry Schwartz (who pulled

8-figures in revenue with email he wrote).

When you work with me, you’ll get potent copy that’s
energetic, tight and PURPOSEFUL.

Loaded with effective sales techniques to persuade visitors to take the next step.
Like these 4 conversion boosters, (and there’s more where they came from).



Marketing strategy

Stuff like…

  • What’s my VP? USP? What makes customers      want me?
  • Who’s my ideal customer? What’s his dynamite problem?
  • How can I position myself as better than my sneering-faced, oily-voiced competitor?



Persuasion psychology

Stuff like…

  • What will make people trust me?
    Want me? Buy from me?
  • How do I dish out more desire for my offer?
  • How do I curb Couch-Potato-Syndrome and              get them to act NOW?

UX & Design


UX & Design knowledge

Stuff like…

  • What does my nav bar look like? (Parent or child page? What to call them?)
  • Which fonts + images should I use? (People?       Icons? Graphs?)
  • How do I lay out the copy to get the crucial bits read?



Conversion tricks

Stuff like…

  • When + how often should I ask for the sell?
  • What do I label my CTA buttons? How many?        What color? Which form fields?
  • How do I interpret google analytics? Run A/B       split tests?

What that means for you: Higher conversion rates – and more revenue.




Want your copy to act as an
effective 24/7/365 sales team

(without needing to pay anyone

Yes! Let’s discuss my copy needs

In the past five years, I’ve used my unique training to help

scores of clients increase their revenue

We began getting orders the day we rolled it out.

“Devorah’s copy is fantastic and effective. She was incredibly professional – communicated easily, delivered her work early, and made the process smooth and pleasurable. Altogether, I got a great product and great customer service.

Her only problem? She gets booked much too fast.”

Baruch Green, CEO, Lilac & Creme corporate gifting

I can work my Sapphire magic for you, too.

Yes! I want conversion-focused copy that will bring me revenue