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“We were looking for someone who could appreciate and take time to learn about our business, and help us with our expression, but we got so much more. Sapphire Copy didn’t just take what we gave them and work on the copy in a silo. They made sure there was collaboration to find the right voice and tone.

Their communication was impressive – timely, concise, informative and organized. They were so effective at moving the project forward. There was also a certain positive energy and optimism that we felt throughout.
With Sapphire Copy the caliber of service is what sets them apart. You’re going to get very direct, efficient, high-level work and they’re a pleasure to work with.”



CEO, Exitphone

Like Mary Poppins


“Devorah is beyond impressive. Keen, with brisk energy that cuts straight to the heart of things, like Mary Poppins.

Process was phenomenal! It was significantly easier than I expected and yet the copy is a winner. She did a fantastic job at making us think, sparking discussions that were crucial to have. She understands levels of intent, stays focused on all goals, and is really good at structure.
Now, the site does a much, much better job selling Wrkspot — with far less copy. We’re thrilled!! I was just so, so impressed with every part of the process, and the end result.”



Director of Marketing, Wrkspot

15k participants signed up in under a week


“We got 15k participants signed up in under a week for a campaign she ran for us — and it’s her work that did it.

I look at the website, the direction, it’s got DH, DH, DH as a signature all over it…
I’ve no doubt that had we gone with our original plan, we would’ve gotten maybe 25% of signups. Maybe.

Her insight as to what would make people sign up was bang on-target — she took a totally different direction from our initial plan, and it worked. She’s our secret marketing weapon.”



Executive Vice President, CCHF

If I went to a multi-million dollar agency I don’t think
I would have gotten a better product or service.


“I was a little nervous at first, entrusting our company’s messaging to someone who didn’t know the industry before, but I didn’t need to be. She really got to know our industry and our company specifically, so when it came time to write there was intention behind each word.

The process was paced just right. Her way of moving the project forward without being pushy helped us get a reasonable turnaround time without sacrificing quality at all.
From intake to final product, the process couldn’t have been easier, professionalism was impressive and the outcome was fantastic.”



CEO, Airseal and Homesynct

Signed on a franchise with 50+ branches
from cold emails she wrote


“I reached out to seven people initially, but when I saw Devorah’s samples — her spunk caught my eye. It was original, different, and that New Yorker {spelled New Yawkuh} article made me take notice.

Working with her was a great experience — she drove the process efficiently, followed up consistently, met all deadlines and the project was delivered in its fullest, no pieces missing, nothing dragged out. We gained extra value from her input and insight throughout, and her first cold email worked — landed us a 50-franchise client!”



CEO, Payro Finance

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