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Client Success #1


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Client Success #3


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Your brand? Brilliant.

You’ve got a winner product or service that should get prospects BEGGING you to accept their dollars.

But your…

  • Emails get less clicks than a Facebook ad selling burned potatoes
  • Sales page nets you smaller returns than your bro-in-law’s Kodak Film investment
  • Website traffic leaves you high, dry, and cashless with >1% visitors clicking through

The good news? Upgrading your copy is the fastest way to increase revenue.

Here’s what my copy did for Expectel Solutions:

“In just 2 weeks, Devorah’s copy
netted me another $144,000 in sales

from the same people who’d previously said no to my services.
Working with Devorah was an easy and intensely profitable experience.
I usually have to spend hours explaining the technicalities of my business and my USP; Devorah got it in 20 minutes.
What’s more, that clarity and business grasp came through in her copy — any prospect reads it and understands what I do + why they need me in just 3 paragraphs. She delivered much more than I dared expect If you have the chance to work with her, grab it!”

Shalom Moskowitz, COO, Expectel Solutions

Hi! I’m Devorah Hager,

expert at creating sparkling copy that drives action — and revenue.


So you don’t just get bold,
fast-paced, highly engaging copy.

You get copy strategically infused with
DOZENS of conversion boosters.

That means copy that understands your ideal customer’s needs + hesitations so intensely
that it reads like a personal sales conversation just with him:

    You’ll get copy that...

  • answers every question raging in his skeptical mind.
  • soothes all his pain-points.
  • whittles away his desire to hold onto his greenbacks.
  • gets him as on-fire for your product as you are.

Click. Swipe.

Another sale made.

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How Sapphire Copy supercharged my business

Raves + results from some recent clients:

“You need a copywriter who’ll get you results—go with Devorah. She’s smart, she knows what she’s doing, and you should listen to what she says, because she’s right. I’ve worked with many, many copywriters in the past, but Devorah stood out. She was professional, sincere, pleasant to work to with—and produced outstanding work. She’s in a different league to copywriters out there, and I’ve already recommended her to colleagues + clients.”

Alex Miranda

CEO, SEO Organical

“After talking to several copywriters, I chose to go with Devorah because I sensed she genuinely cared about making my marketing successful. I’m thrilled I did; the final product was incredible. Marketers I showed her work to were equally impressed. Devorah also pushed hard to meet my (tight) deadlines — and overall it was a pleasure working with her. I got far more than I expected and would absolutely hire her again”


Avi Brach

Senior VP, Five Star Packaging

“Devorah helped me figure out what made my company desirable, and then wrote really compelling, professional copy that felt like me, but sold me a million times better than I could have sold myself – and got me a 207% increase in clients.

Plus, she was so, so pleasant to deal with, and super responsive when I needed to tweak messaging for specific clients.

I didn’t just get copy. I got strategy, and a partner who really, really cared to get the end result I wanted.”

Sarah Hall

Senior Design Professional, Bespoke Design Interiors

Devorah came so highly recommended that I KNEW the copy would be great. What I didn’t expect was how smooth and straightforward the process was. She kept us moving forward, was easygoing and pleasant throughout, and she really got usRevisions were spot on target in places we wanted the messaging tweaked, and the copy is superb.

Levi Judqin

Senior Broker, Brass Moon Realty

Monetize more prospects and drive sales up

with the Sapphire Revenue Lift™ process


Down-to-the-kishkes customer profiling + brand breakdown to nail your success strategy.


Data-driven copy that grabs your prospect. Reminds him how badly he needs what you’re selling. Keeps him glued until he’s sold.


Collaboration with your site developer for eyeball-grabbing, UX-loving, brand-defining graphics + design.

Result: high-converting copy that gets your prospects eager to take the next step

Don’t just get great copy. Get a great experience.

Beat Your Deadline

Meet that launch date. I don’t do late. Ever.

100% Responsiveness

Every call. Every email. Answered within 24 business hours.

Regular Updates

No wondering what in tarnation’s doing with your copy.

No Price Shockers

The pricing you got sticks. Even if I spent hours longer on your project than planned.

Results matter

I’m as driven as you are to get your numbers up.

Ready to:

  • Build a client-wooing, conversion-surging web presence
  • Free up hours of time to develop your biz
  • Enjoy increased customers + profits
  • STOP losing money on prospects who NEEDED your product… until they checked out your site
  • STOP trashing valuable hours + energy on ineffective calls convincing prospects to choose you
  • STOP handing over your precious clients —and dollars — to your competitor

Yes! I want copy that grows my business for me

X Nah, I’ll let my competitor rake in the profits