Ever needed to make payroll without ready cash to back it?


Payro offers a novel, never-done-before concept — short term payroll financing to help cash flow challenged businesses bridge the gap.

The catch? You can only access it via your payroll company. How would we get payroll brands to offer it?


  • Marketing plan
  • Email & landing page copy
  • Promo copy


We did the thing you love to hate — targeting a cold list of payroll businesses via email. It worked.

Our first email got a 22% open rate, and hooked a franchise brand with 60 payroll companies on board. 

Her spunk caught my eye


I reached out to seven people initially, but when I saw Devorah’s samples — her spunk caught my eye. Working with her was a great experience — she drove the process efficiently, followed up consistently, met all deadlines and the project was delivered in its fullest, no pieces missing and nothing dragged out.

We gained extra value from her insight throughout, and content was excellent as expected. “

— Morris Reichman, President

It’s not just the words that
make a difference, it’s the
strategy behind them.

Copywriting = 80% what to say + 20% how to say it

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