LSD. Heroin. Magic mushrooms. Will investors finance drugs currently illegal in the US?


Psychedelic plants promise a cure for untreatable mental diseases like depression and PTSD, and are the “next big thing” in investments. Novamind connects investors with the drug developers for potentially huge payoff. 

But will investors (who remember glazed hippies and drug backlash of the ‘60s) agree to finance the drug that got the bad rap?


  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Website copy


Modern, trust-inspiring branding, combined with professional, concise copy reassures skeptical investors about the legitimacy of the venture, while placing Novamind at the forefront of this investing wave. 

The best for our brand

“Devorah was passionate about doing the best for our brand, and helped create a powerful name and messaging we’re proud of. From start to end, she was a fantastic team player as our brand evolved.”

— Nolan Ladouceur, VP

It’s not just the words that
make a difference, it’s the
strategy behind them.

Copywriting = 80% what to say + 20% how to say it

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