Will time-strapped top brass in Fortune500 brands sign up for a ten-week Unconference?


Innov8rs, a conference creator for innovation departments in large corporations (5000+ employees) wanted to offer something new.

But would overloaded execs invest their limited hours into a ten-week education & mentorship program? Would they even read past the landing page headline?


  • Value prop
  • Website copy
  • Wireframe


A flood of signups from some of the world’s biggest brands – including Toyota, Siemens, Warner Media and more.

Got more people to “click”

“Devorah created a strong value prop that made our offer instantly more compelling. She wove in details throughout the copy that got more people to “click”. Great job!”

— Hans Balmaekers, CEO at Innov8rs

It’s not just the words that
make a difference, it’s the
strategy behind them.

Copywriting = 80% what to say + 20% how to say it

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