Neat Trash Bags

Could we turn Neat trash bags into a brand as lovable as Skittles?


Neat had an unusual product – eco-friendly bags that don’t stink. Unlike the others in the space, they don’t dribble leaks all the way to the dumpster, degrade in the can, or trash out on you. Could we get a millennial audience to fall in love with a trash bag?


  • Slogans & branding
  • Website copy
  • Packaging branding


A website that makes you laugh, nod and seriously, seriously want to buy this bag — asap. Plus hang around Neat’s insta for more of the fun.

Devorah is a FIND


“There’s never “this can’t be done.” She brought so many ideas to the table that we didn’t even think of, ways to give our brand its own personality, ways to help us stand out from the competition. She turned Neat into this amazing brand that’s relatable and humorous, and the website is outstanding.

At every meeting, there was the delighted surprise of seeing what she came up with — always outdoing our highest expectations. We just fell more and more in love every time she sent something over.

I cannot say enough good things about her.”

Melissa Simon, CMO, Neat

Devorah doesn’t just get five stars, she gets six


“I rarely say I’m blown away by someone, but Devorah doesn’t just get five stars, she gets six.

She doesn’t just try to get the job done, she wants it done superbly. Clearly an out-of-the-box thinker, she thought in terms of this project — came up with her own ideas and custom strategy and developed a millennial brand that expressed my vision.

She’s enthusiastic, responsive, very well organized, intelligent, creative, and delivered everything on time. Checks all the boxes and then some. In fact, the brand agency we used asked for her number for their other clients.”

Susan Rosenberg, CEO, Neat

It’s not just the words that make a difference,
it’s the strategy behind them.

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