Sapphire Revenue Lift Process

1. Diving deep for data

You can’t sell to people you don’t intimately understand.We’ll discover what your customers think, feel, need and want via:

  • online review + testimonial research
  • customer surveys + interviews
  • analytics tools

So your marketing strategy is sapphire-solid, and resonates with the people it should.

2. Detecting YOUR x-factor

You can’t grab a huge market share unless you’re (desirably) different.

We’ll analyze your competitors thoroughly via our 11-point audit system. Then we shape a brand positioning strategy that

makes your secret sauce clear + desirable.

So that you’re the mercedes in a sea of humdrum camris — everybody notices + salivates over you.

3. Spinning copy magic

You can’t sell to people who won’t read your pitch.

We’ll whip the data + strategy into copy more fresh than a teenager arguing with Dad.

Headlines that grab you. Paragraphs that hold you.

Bullets that win you.

So that your copy conquers 10-second attention spans — keeping prospects reading until they’re sold.

Yes! I want conversion-focused copy that will bring me revenue